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Meet Our Sponsors

These are businesses who support the community and the children in it that are effected by all kinds of illnesses. They give kids the chance to forget about X-rays, shots, surgeries, painful procedures and medicines that make them throw up all day or so tired they can't do much else but sleep. Just by giving us the funds and support to visit children hospitals and offer manicures, pedicures, and temporary tattoos they give these kids a chance to forget about all they are going threw and JUST BE KIDS even if it's just for a little while. So PLEASE REMEMBER when you hire or patron a business choose one that cares about your community because they already care about YOU!!!
Our local charity receives support from around the country, and we want to recognize those who have supported our amazing cause.
Florida Partnerships:

Air Repair Solutions (Orlando)

Api Water-Pool & Spa Water Care (Tampa)

Goodfella's Pest Management (St. Petersburg)

Von Ohlen Team Realty

Thank you to each of our Florida partners!
Georgia Partnerships:
Thank you to each of our Florida partners