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"Feeling Good Leads to Healing Good"

Local Charity for Terminally Ill and Sick Children - Port St Lucie, FL

Welcome to Dream in Colors we are a not-for-profit 501(c)3 charity that is starting a movement. We visit children's hospitals and provide manicures, pedicures and temporary tattoos to terminally ill and sick children COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE. Why do we do this? Because we believe all kids deserve a chance to just be kids. Some kids have to think about VERY SERIOUS situations like fighting to stay alive and while we can't completely stop that from happening we can give them a chance to just focus on something fun even if it's just for a small time. We at Dream in Colors know for sure that FEELING GOOD LEADS TO HEALING GOOD and we want to make sure we make as many children feel better as we can by putting smiles on every little face we can.
We can't wait to meet all the new little faces that we will be painting smiles on!

What Do We Do?

We visit children's hospitals and give terminally ill and sick little girls a spa day right in their hospital room! We offer manicures and pedicures free of charge.

For boys, we will apply temporary tattoos! Children deserve to be children, and not to worry about terminal illness. By providing them the pampering and special attention they need, if they can forget about their sickness for even just one day, then we will have succeeded.

Ensuring that kids feel cared about, not just cared for.


Our Dream In Colors Family

Though we are a local charity, we receive support across the nation and are always seeking to expand. We appreciate all of our sponsors so much, and want them to be recognized for their support in our mission to help terminally ill girls feel like princesses!
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